Natural Healing

Chronic Pain Relief

Many people complain of neck and shoulder pain from working at the computer for several hours a day. These conditions are especially problematic as they can deter normal activities such as work and play. Neck and shoulder massage therapy can be highly effective in alleviating the pain and swelling of joint conditions.

Gentle manipulation within the inner structures will begin to improve normal ranges of motion and will aide in restoring joint fluids and mobility. In most cases, reduction of stiffness and painful sensations occurs after only one treatment.

Ruqayyah has designed her neck and shoulder treatment to relieve long held chronic tension in the muscle and break up adhesions in the connective tissues. She focuses on the muscles located in the neck, shoulders and upper back using various techniques to correct the client’s posture and alleviate pain.

Consultation and exam includes orthopedic muscle testing, postural and/or gait (walking) cycle analysis. Long term results are best achieved through a series of treatments addressing the key areas of discomfort.


Sarah B.

I've had back and neck issues my entire adult life. Ruqayyah is extremely experienced in helping to relieve the tension that I carry there. She is professional and good. I even used her services when I was very pregnant and having lower back pain. I trust her and recommend her to anyone in need.